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A surgical procedure can be either performed with local anaesthesia or in the day surgery with IV sedation or general anaesthesia.

The decision depends on the kind and extension of surgery and the patients individual condition.

Surgery under local anaesthesia is started with the application of the local anaesthetic through injection as infiltration or as a nerve block affecting a larger area. In both cases only an anaesthesia of the relevant area is supplied. That means, there is no pain and no touching sensation in this area. You only will feel pressure, possibly vibrations, if a drill is needed to remove bone and noises, which are especially present for operations in the upper jaw.

If the surgery is of limited nature, and the patient not to stressed, an operation under local anaesthesia would be possible and sensible. This could possibly done at the day of consultation or a separate appointmemnt would be made. For operations under local anaesthesia you would usually not need a carer afterwards. You should be able to leave the surgery after the operation on your own.

If the operation is more extended, and/or the patient is very nervous about it, an operation under sedation or general anaesthesia in day surgery would be the better solution. This would usually be done at a separate appointment in the Crows Nest day surgery in the same building. The anaesthesia would be performed by an anaesthetist with full hospital standards including all relevant monitoring. After the operation you would stay in recovery, until you are sufficiently recovered and fit to leave for home. You would need a carer to take you home and stay with you for the first day. The safety of our patients is the first priority for these procedures.

For Patients with more extended surgery or medical conditions there may be the need for operation in hospital with overnight stay. If that is the case we would make arrangements for surgery in the new Macquarie University Hospital with all new modern technology and highest care standard available.

Whatever your needs will be, we will have the right treatment modality available.